Our primary focus is to bring together, for our customers, a diverse selection of carefully blended flavors to create a unique experience when applied to your favorite foods.

The clear and definitive taste of each of our homemade sauces is evidence of our commitment to deliver a superb, quality product to our customers.
In order to provide a definitive taste - 
we grow, process, and bottle our product - in order to provide the freshest taste possible. Each ingredient is paired carefully to provide a distinct taste that you will enjoy!

They're carefully blended - personally taste tested - to insure quality!

We're proud of each sauce we create. As a small business, we strive to produce a quality affordable product that you will love and enjoy. Our peppers are locally grown, processed, and bottled on our farm to insure the best quality possible. 

Join us, let your friends know there's a sauce that exceeds all expectations!