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XXX Chipotle Hot Sauce  made from tabasco peppers with a blend of  smoked chipotle peppers.  It has a tangy smoke flavor whichdelivers a unique mouth watering experience

Really great with a cheese burger, or anything else.

If you love hot sauce then you'll enjoy  our XXX Hot Sauce made from our home grown tabasco peppers. This sauce is made from the freshest of peppers grown here on our farm in Nacogdoches, Texas. We carefully extract the very best out of each pepper to obtain a provocative fresh taste.You'll get three times the bang for your buck from the hot, rich, and spicy taste.

It's fantastic with eggs and hash - browns.

Oh! Don't forget the "Bloody Mary."

The next time you want to jazz up those tacos, do it withHabanero Lime Sauce. This warm and tangy taste is a sure winner when it comes to creating an ideal dish everyone will enjoy.

The next time you fire up the grill, add a little tang and smoke to your sauce with our Habanero Lime  Chipotle Sauce. The fresh squeezed lime and smoke flavor will enhance any sauce. It's sure to spice up those wings.